Inigo Package Manager

Inigo is a package manager for Idris2. The goal is to provide a simple package manager to build and share community developed code and projects.

For example, you can use the Fmt package by including Base.Fmt=~0.0.1 in your config and running inigo fetch-deps. The package and its dependencies can be specified and upgraded.

Getting Started

Follow the Guide to install and get started with Inigo. Once everything is installed, you can add Inigo.toml to your application, include your dependencies and then pull in packages.


* Packager manager featuring semantic versioning of packages

* Dependency resolution system with support for dev dependencies

* Light wrapper around native Idris2 commands (e.g. idris2 --build, etc)

* Built-in (optional) unit test framework: IdrTest

* Support for registering accounts and pushing your own community packages


The goal of Inigo is to be a simple package manager and light wrapper around the Idris2 core. Inigo is fully built in Idris2 and can bootstrap itself. Builds and core commands call out to the idris2 command. Packages are hosted on CloudFlare using Workers running an Idris2 program (via the JavaScript codegen). The client is also native Idris2 and should soon support being compiled to JavaScript, Chez or other code generators.


Please feel free to discuss on GitHub Issues or in #fp Slack.